Monday, September 03, 2007

Heat Wave

We are suffering through creatively at our home without air conditioning. There are two fans going. One on the doggies. One on the humans. I have that small wading pool in back to keep us refreshed up to our ankles. When all else fails, there is always a quick shower. The wet hair does bring relief. I've gone out to water the plants and "accidently" gotten some water on myself.

I finish all physical activity in the morning. Our upstairs offices are in the 90 plus range, so I'm grateful for a long weekend of no work! It is a treat to run an errand and cool off in the car air conditioning there. We are really guzzling the ice tea.

Falling asleep the last few nights was hard due to the lack of cooling in the evening. Brought back memories of a certain August wedding. We do manage to fall asleep and sleep soundly until morning, thanks to the aid of the ceiling fan in the bedroom.

I'm just glad I don't play a sport -- the high schools and colleges are practicing football, and the baseball teams still have to play. I've get salt in my eyes from sweating now and then. I told Glen, "When I'm really cold this winter, remind me of this day." We watched a movie with a winter scene and snow falling to help us cool down last night. It didn't really work, but it provided hope as we remembered being cold once.

Brown Cow, anyone? Frosty rootbeet blended with vanilla ice cream did help us tolerate yesterday's triple digit temperatures!

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  1. Nothing like a rootbeer float to chase the heat away.