Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Word New Fun

Today my friend told me she didn't like meeting with a colleague because he tended to bloviate. Huh? So I learned a great new descriptive verb today. She said it is a relatively new word...about 50 years old (so I'm about I relatively new? Why not!). I came home and looked it up and Glen and I have made it the Milton House word for the day. Well, I'll stop here, lest I be accussed of bloviation? Bloviate: to orate verbosely and windily. (What's orate? -- I know what that is...I heard a speech on it once. Just kidding.)


  1. Oh good! Now when people ask me, "Are you always this loquacious?," I can respond, "I'm not a fan of bloviation."