Friday, August 29, 2008

O, What Fun It Is to Ride in a Crazy Election Year

So I'll watch for changes in political weather by keeping an eye on my BARAMAter, while I sip a cup of JOE, BIDEN my time until election day. I'm gonna nickname the governor from Alaska Spitfire or Spark Plug because it seems fitting. Spark Plug goes with her initials. She is impressive, but I gotta say, when she stands next to McCain, it looks like "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I have heard some amazing speeches this week. I'm waiting to hear what happens in Minnesota later on. I am pleased with the Obama/Biden option so far, and depending on further investigation of the platform details, I plan to happily vote Democrat in November. So, this registered Independent is boldly weighing in amongst the relatives who may be mainly Republican. [Sorry if I embarrass you, Mom.]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Artistic Relatives

My cousin Jim Remington has been selected to be in a juried art show. The show is titled ASHES TO ART held @ Art Honors Life/The gallery at FUNERIA, 2860 Bowen St. #1 , Graton, CA (about an hour north of San Francisco). The website is He was one of 64 artists worldwide...and a quote on the two entries "both received exceptionally high marks, particularly the Free hand Maple Burl piece which is simply stunning!..." The show opens on Sept 26 thru November 30. These photos are of the two pieces by Jim.

These are beautifully done for being hand made. I have a wood mirror piece from him in our home that was a wedding gift. I have really been amazed and enjoyed his wood art in years past.

This Funeria gallery, come to find out, displays art used to hold the remains of loved ones who have been cremated. OK. That is just kind of creepy, but I suppose a meaningful tribute for some. Anyway, the art is very cool. Thought I'd share.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Castle Photos on Flickr

I have posted several of my Castle photos with descriptions on my flickr site.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snake in the Yard - I'm Moving to Alaska [UPDATED: with photo

We found a snake in our backyard today. Small, but never-the-less, snake. Fortunately, it was dead. Well, the head was dead. The body was still coiling off and on. And fortunately, I assume it to be a pet snake due to the bright orange color mixed with white, and therefore probably harmless -- especially, since it was dead. Dead snakes are harmless. Orange definitely doesn't blend in with the natural surroundings, supporting my hunch that it was an escaped pet. It had been smacked in the head, probably after startling someone. I think it may be a amelanistic motley banded corn snake. You can see what you think once Glen adds the photo. He ran out with his camera. I know I'm often accused of such behavior. The muerto snake is still giving me shivers. Not a big snake fan. I believe Alaska has no snakes. The dogs seemed clueless.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Doing better

This is the yellow of my collarbone, 6 days after.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cycling News from the Team Wilson

It all started a long time ago. This wasn't exactly his first bicycle, it was more of a plastic thing. He was about 2 years old and not yet know by the moniker "Dance Wilstrong."

I heard that there was a crash. So I asked him, "I heard you had a pretty good crash? How did it happen?

How it happened in his own words: "At Rimforest on CA-18 (28 miles from Big Bear), I was enjoying the scenery, and a car turned left in front of me, I suppose with the sun in their eyes. I hit the front panel (fender) and flew to the ground (I think my bike stayed on the other side of the car). I crawled onto the curb, and many people were suddenly surrounding me, with Dad arriving a few minutes later. The roadside nurse said that I probably had a broken nose and collarbone, and possibly a slight concussion."

This photo is from Google Maps, "Street View."

How badly hurt are you? Did anyone get any pictures?

Half-hour later, I was out of the ambulance and at the Loma Linda emergency room/trauma center, where, after being examined with about 7 x-rays and a CT scan, I was informed that I had a broken nose and clavicle, with many abrasions. We left the hospital after 1am, after being admitted at 6-smthng pm.

My nose was reduced (straightened). I am currently wearing some kind of brace, typing with one hand (my right) & am still dirty.

How is the bike?

I guess my front wheel will need to be rebuilt b/c it's 1-2 inches out of true (tho I have a ready-to-go spare).

Are there any more pictures?

I was taking lots of pictures, so as to not get to far ahead of Dad, but naturally, I didn't digitally record the crash. The camera is still in my seatbag, which was taken with my bike to the cabin. However, we have some pics on our new camera phone, but don't know how to get them on the computer yet.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Get well soon Daniel! Wouldn't you know I had an encounter with a car on my bike last week which left me with a severely "untrue" wheel (does that mean really bent?). I think you are smiling under that bandage in the picture, kinda like I did last time I took a bad spill:


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How personal is your food?

Ray roasted my Pikes Place Roast on August 5th, 2008.

My blueberries were grown in Oregon by Bob Epler of Epler Farms in Forest Grove, Oregon that was started by Bob's parents in 1925. 16 oz packages for $2.99 each at Ralph's today. I am freezing some.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bicycling in Beijing

There is a schedule of the cycling events on the USA Cycling website here.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Political Ad: Spears, Hilton, & Give Me A Break

I saw a recent TV campaign ad. The McCain campaign produced and ran a ridiculous ad against Obama. This will probably be a long run of insulting ads. Today I saw a clip of McCain saying he was proud of the ad. I shook my head and rolled my eyes and long for a presidential candidate with better judgment.

The ad starts with a clip of Brittney Spears and of Paris Hilton and it states what a celebrity Obama is. Why Brittney and Paris? How are two 20-something blond women celebrities connected? Sure, they have had the public relations snafus in their recent past. However, neither has done anything negatively noteworthy recently, so can't we give them a break?

And if the point is celebrities can't lead? Reagan? Schwarzenegger? Jesse Ventura? Well, anyway. Still going from Spears, Hilton, to Obama -- that is a stretch.

I would never allow my students to negatively compare a student to two other kids in a similar fashion to this ad. That would be considered disrespectful and inappropriate. Plus, in kindness and compassion, consider Spears' and Hilton's feelings, the feelings of their family and their friends, and model some diginity. Give me a break. It doesn't matter whether I'm pro-McCain or pro-Obama. This ad is juvenile and in bad taste and McCain should distance himself. Obama should ignore it as immaturity.