Monday, February 27, 2006

T of Cali additional stuff

More of my pictures can be seen here: (click on the image to link to Flikr)

Final Leaderboard in Redondo Beach

Thomas Peterson has his own blog called Life on Two Wheels.

And, some guy I talked to has a blog called hounddog and posts some pictures here.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's all over!

The circuit race was fun because it went by everyone 9 times. From where I got to stand, it went by 18 times as I watched them go by headed south, and then north on their way back home to the finish/start line area. The predicted rain is still on its way, but the weather all day was perfect as it was for the whole week.

I couldn't get so close to the awards stage on Sunday.

Congratulations to Floyd Landis the overall race leader. George Hincapie was the sprint competition leader; King of the Mountain winner is Levi Leipheimer; Thomas Peterson is best young rider.

Instead of tossing his flowers into the crowd as is traditional, Floyd Landis handed his to his daughter (about 10 years old). Great crowd. Everyone was having fun. My feet hurt. We are home.

Sunday at the Tour of California in Redondo Beach

The riders whizzed by faster and faster each time the rounded the corner.

We found our places to fulfill our duties as volunteers. As you can see, Cindi is reaching into her suitcase of courage to do her job well.

I was moved to the corner where I worked because of the high pedestrian traffic. I had to toot my whistle loudly each time the riders came by as the pedestrians weren't sure if they had time to saunter across the cross walk as the peloton and the team cars came screaming to our intersection.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday post two: Race results in Santa Barbara

Floyd Landis remains in the lead for the overall time standings. We saw folks that looked like his family in the VIP tent across from where we were watching the race. The race officials are saying that there had been 700,000 spectators so far. They expect a cumulative total to surpass 1,000,000!

Levi hangs out talking to fans (and maybe some press, I saw one guy with a note pad) after the race. (Below)

Lots of people there for the Tour of California inaugural race event. The UCI director was introduced by the announcers. It was fun talking to Bob and Paul and some of the volunteers. Cindi got her ears checked by the Phonac hearing technician. Now I know she can really hear me.

More pictures, I hope, after the race on Sunday. We are staying in Camarillo tonight and looking forward to seeing Floyd when the overall GC.

Friday post one: TOC Fun in Santa Barbara on Friday, February 24

Not sure exactly where we would encounter the Tour of California on Friday, February 24 we headed north. We got off the highway in Santa Barbara for some snacks and a comfort break just after 10 AM then headed over to Cabrillo Boulevard to see where the finish line and the festival would take place. We ended up staying there the whole day and made it up to SLO to meet our friends later in the day. This is some of what we saw in Santa Barbara:

Before the race, hanging out on the beach are Bob Roll and Paul Sherwen. These are the same announcers who work OLN during the month of July for the Tour de France. For the T of CA they are broadcasting for ESPN2, doing a one hour program at night at about 10 PM.

More pictures from Friday coming soon.

Tour of California internet

It is very interesting to watch the race on the internet. I am not sure that both announcers realize that their off camera comments are carried live on the internet. Listening to them make body parts jokes and sing in French puts them in a different light.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

700th post

this is the 700th post, which means we've reached the 700 club. hooray for pat robertson. assassinations are neat.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stage One Photos

The main group enters Santa Rosa down Third Street.
The leaders make the last turn for the finish line.
Steve is a little dirty from moving barriers but happy to be a small part of this event.

another window

Here is the link to my window.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Window

Here is the link to my Johari Window

Monday, February 20, 2006

Tour of California

I spent several hours volunteering as a Course Marshall for the Tour of California. Stage one ended in Santa Rosa. Riders entered the city from the west and rode in a circuit through the downtown. After riding three times on the circuit they finished in the middle of the city. I was able to work on the course into town and then on the last corner before the finish line. The people were friendly and excited to see the riders. Many of the spectators were families. The small children clapped and waved as the riders passed. It was a lot of fun and I know Glen and Cindi will have a great time at the last stage.


I (Beth) drove home from Santa Rosa last night so I could keep an 8:15 A.M. Dr. appt. today. It wasn't snowing then but it started around 8:00 P.M. It hasn't snowed here for a few years so it was a very pleasant surprise...until driving on the ice this morning to my appointment:-)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Johari Window

You may have heard of the Johari Window. Here is mine and I want your input! Please. You can respond to mine and then make your own.

You can get back to see mine here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


spoon·y also spoon·ey Audio pronunciation of "spoony" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (spn)
adj. spoon·i·er, spoon·i·est

1. Enamored in a silly or sentimental way.
2. Feebly sentimental; gushy.

remember "freedom fries?"

boy, don't i feel spoony now...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Coffee with Whittier City Council Candidate

Cindi and I would like to invite you to our house for coffee and dessert on Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 7 PM. We have invited Joe Vinatieri, a candidate for Whittier City Council to meet us and a few of our friends—including you. That is why we are inviting you. Joe has met some of my friends who are impressed with some things that Joe is saying and the fact that he is willing to listen to people in the community.

I would like to meet him, hear what he has to say, talk about the issues that I am concerned about, and have you as part of the process and conversation. We will serve coffee, tea, and some light dessert. I always make good coffee. I hope you like it, too. We can make decaffeinated and regular coffee.

I am not asking you to vote for anyone. I think it would be fun to meet a candidate and be a part of the conversation. We are not asking you for money; this is not a fundraiser.

If you’d like to be part of the conversation, let me know. Give me a call. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on Thursday, March 2.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brianna and Mama Jane's Card

Brianna is busy coloring Jane's card. It takes a lot of concentration for a three year old.

Brianna openned Jane's card. She got out her crayons and colored pens. You have to eat
Marshmellows while you color.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tour of California

Just was notified that I will be able to volunteer in Santa Rosa on the 20th for the Tour of California. I will be positioned on the final loop. I will bring my camera. Beth and I will be there for the weekend. Will be nice to have a break and be part of the inception of the Tour of California.