Friday, April 30, 2004

I'm Older then Glen

Well, I know everyone thought I was younger than my older brother, but, if he is watching a movie that has not even arrived at his home until after 8:00 P.M., I must be older. Mom, when were you planning on telling us the truth. It is now 8:48 P.M. and I have been admiring my own stamina at remaining awake as Kyle and I have been discussing the origin of the universe and the need for everyone to find a place in it when what i really want/need to do is get some sleep. After all, tomorrow is another day. My favorite movie line.....

Triplets of Bellville

Every review has been excellent. It was one of the movies on my list to see on DVD. Let me know what you think.

Triplets of Bellville

Does anyone know about this movie?

It comes out on DVD next week. I plan to watch a preview when Rob brings it home tonight. Don't tell anyone.

extra info

Doris, thanks for your questions. The map shows the different stages of the "le tour de france" bicycle race. It starts on July 3rd this year. A cable channel has a series of shows on Thursday that give background and detail leading up to this race. While watching it last week I saw bicycle racers on a section of cobblestones. Motorcycles that were filming the race fell in the way of some of the racers and disrupted the race. That is the picture that Glen posted.
The only trip Beth and I have planned is the one to Hawaii from July 26 to Aug 2. The American Psychological Association convention is from July 28 to Aug 1. One of my friends Kirk Schneider is getting an award for outstanding achievement as an independent psychologist. He also is talking about his new book on Awe and it's importance to our sense of well-being. I also want to talk to publishers about the two book projects that are important to me. One on the "art" of psychotherapy with children and the second on my understanding of Jim Bugental's teaching and writings. Jim is/was my mentor for two decades and I feel very strongly that his work has heavily influenced my work with all of my clients.
I am hopeful that you will find someone who will say "yes" and join us in Hawaii.
Thanks again for your questions.

Ohio Vacation

Finally took time to check on the Bloog site. Guess I shouldn't take so much time off again as so much has changed. The Wilson "boys" and all the new pictures of all the young in the family, Sam and Brianna. I do have a question about the map that Steve put on. Are you going to be traveling on that map this summer?

I am so excited about the possible apportunity to go to Hawaii. I just didn't think it would happen so soon as Mary and Bill are definitely not able to go this year. Am still trusting that someone will say yes about being my traveling companion.

Did enjoy the updated pictures of Sam. I didn't really understand the conversation about cobblestone vs ather types of roads but then I don't understand a lot of things and it doesn't really bother me. I didn"t realize motorcycles were running while the bicycles were.

Ohio Vacation

Finally took time to check on the Bloog site. Guess I shouldn't take so much time off again as so much has changed. The Wilson "boys" and all the new pictures of all the young in the family, Sam and Brianna. I do have a question about the map that Steve put on. Are you going to be traveling on that map this summer?

I am so excited about the possible apportunity to go to Hawaii. I just didn't think it would happen so soon as Mary and Bill are definitely not able to go this year. Am still trusting that someone will say yes.

Did enjoy the updated pictures of Sam. I didn't really understand the conversation about cobblestone vs ather types of roads but then I don't understand a lot of things and it doesn't really bother me.

Go Kings

I was at the Kings - Dallas game last night. I am firmly convinced that the Kings want to give their fans heart attacks. What a roller coaster of emotion. It is so loud in Arco. I have no voice left and I can hardly hear. Will make me a better therapist today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Well. I thought I was hiding my anxiety pretty well with not being able to reach David via cell phone between April 11 and April 22, but he did call me to tell me everyhting with him was great, it was his cell phone that was having problems. I can now sleep through the night, well almost, and he wanted me to pass on that his mailing address remains:

David Weaver
P.O. Box 928
Kings Canyon National Park, CA 93633


Well. having lost my head myself, I have empathy for the llama...Samson is too cute and should be outlawed in some way. He is the desktop picture on m computer at school and has been very distracting during STAR testing this week. I think I need to notify the state that I have administered the STAR in a non-standard way with students who need to look at and swoon over the Samson picture between questions.....

Samson Sounds

Samson and I are getting along OK without the one with the biggest shoes in the house. He makes so many sounds. (Sam, not Glen) I never knew puppies got the hiccups and burp. He even has a sound that mimmicks Donald Duck. Of course, the wimper-chirp noise is too sweet. But I practice tough love and don't run to him at those times --- unless I suspect it's bathroom time! He spends his outside time biting off flowers and other green and not so green plants. And every now and then I pull a piece of bark out of his tiny mouth. It's fun to watch him grow. Sometimes I have to carry him outside to do the business. That's just my excuse to cuddle him while I can. We call that strategy the "swoop and poop." We swoop him up and get him outside just in the nick of time...or that's the plan, anyway. It's fun. And an adjustment. Having some little life to care for keeps us childless folks from becoming quite so self-centered. I like Samson a bunch. And yes, the llama had a seam split and suddenly poly-stuffing filled the room (almost) like a marine inversion (clouds). So llama is retired until he gets stitches.

Thanks for the pictures

I am glad that I am not the only posting "cute" pictures anymore.

Puppy Samson 2 and Ashley

It takes some persuasion for Sam to convince Ashley that she should play. This all seems to be related to which dog will become the "alpha dog."

The tug-of-war game has become a favorite. I hear from Cindi today (I am in Chicago posting this) that the stuffed Llama has lost its head, so to speak.

At least Sam is the "Alpha dog" over the stuffed toy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I am in Chicago again. I will be here until Friday visiting my CCF clients.


thanks for your impression of the song. it does have that quality.
when i was in vietnam we would sit on a ship off the coast, in the heat, and i often would find a place to sit and watch the ocean. it was one of those times im my life that i could physically experience something larger and more enduring than myself. float on reminds me of those times and the comfort of being part of something so much larger than ones self.
i hope you get to the beach. take pictures, post them on the blog for those of us who pine for the ocean.

ocean breathes salty

so steve, you downloaded float on? it's a great song, isn't it? it has the sort of melancholy, and optimisim i feel like i'd want people to leave my funeral feeling. i won't say any more, except that i love baseball. it gives me an escape that allows me to succeed at something vicariously on a daily basis. when things in baseball aren't going well, then my own endevours seem successful. it's great to pour your hopes into something other than my own tired routine sometimes. record high temperatures in the southland today. 99 in long beach. there was also 15 foot waves at newport beach today. wish i had a chance to see that. welcome wilsons.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Welcome Timothy. Looking forward to your contributions.

Timothy's on

Well, Timothy is now on with a working acct.!
I beat Daniel :+)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

We're working on it

We are still trying to get Daniel signed up properly. We have tried a second or third invitation, let's see if that does the trick.

An Answer to Daniel's Question

Hi, Daniel,

In order to post under your own name, you need to ask Uncle Glen to "invite" you to the Blog via your Mom's (or Dad's) e-mail address. After you accept the invitation by creating a User Name and Password, you can log on to the Blog under that name from anyone's computer and be viewed as the "poster." I am posting from Steve's computer right now, and had to click on LogOut before I could log on as myself as his computer "sees" him as the default.. Let me know how it works out.

Aunt Beth

My background until August

Not a puppy

Brianna at Easter.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My 2 cents on cobblestones and TV coverage

As long as I don’t have to ride on the cobblestones, it is fine if other people do it. Even the rough sections on concrete or gravely areas of the bike path make my weary bones talk.

I am amazed at the way the TV reporters and camera folks are able to stay out of trouble on these races. I am glad they do such a careful job of it. I did see a picture somewhere on the internet of the motorcycle/scooters lying on the ground with the bicyclists riding around them. I was trying to find it to post here. I will look some more and post it if I find it.

I bet Mr. Liggett had a few comments on this if he was covering the race.


TV coverage, words and time zones

It looks like the next tele coverage of bicycling on OLN is Thursday, tomorrow.

Sometimes I type my messages in a word processing program so I can get some spell check help—especially now that I know the word police are watching.

Speaking of word processing, my Microsoft Word stopped working sometime this week and I ended up having to call Microsoft’s customer service. After the very efficient person on the line got all of my customer information, including my time zone—Pacific Daylight Time, I asked him what time zone he was in. The answer: India Standard Time. Interesting.

After I had waited on hold for 45 minutes, my problem with Word was resolved in about 10 minutes. Thank you very much!


Just checked the schedule and it was a replay of the Paris-Roubaix race from the weekend of the 11th.

Thanks for answer.

Your right, banned was the correct word. Very good answer. I will have to look at the tv guide and see which race it was that I watched this am. Will let you know. It was painful to watch the leaders fall because a motorcycle rider fell in front of them. Having a cycle rider fall and disrupt the race seems different than have one of the motorcycles disrupt the race. Not fair some how, but Lance Armstrong might say the same thing about people with bags clogging the route.
Thanks again Daniel and for letting me know who answered my post.

Answer to Steve's Question

First of all, I am asuming that Steve meant "banned," not "band" when he was talking about the motorcycles on cobblestone roads. For the bikes on cobblestones issue, I will tell about both points of view. The Belgians (or maybe just the ones from Flanders) really like them because it can allow a skilled rider to pull ahead by the path he takes through them. On the other hand, my dad and brother (and probably most Americans, for that matter) disagree because they are really hard on the riders because they are so worn from hundreds of years' use, are narrow, and therefore dangerous, etc. Only two Classics, or World Cup races have them as far as I know (the Ronde van Vlaanderen aka Tour of Flanders, and Paris-Roubaix), which can be avoided even if you want to win the World Cup. What a non-cycling addict might not know about is the UCI (pro cycling's governing body) will have what they call the "ProTour" in 2005, which states that if you want to participate in any event, you will probably have to ride them all (there's another long story behing that), which means that you will have to ride those races with cobblestones, which are major events on the calendar.

Now for the question about motocycles riding them at the same time, I also state two sides. It would be good to clear the road more for the riders. However, without the motorcycles, there would be no one to give us the live coverage, which the sponsers want because of all the ads on the riders and their bikes. That means all the coverage we get is from the journalists that are right there with the riders to clog up the sides of the roads, which the spectators want.

Basically, I think the motorcycles should stay, and you should only have to ride the cobbled roads if you want to, however, I probably have not seen the races the others have because of a lack of OLN.
(Posted by Daniel, who is still puzzled on how to get his own name on the blog under an article.)

Question for the day.

Should bicycle races involve cobblestones and if they do, should motorcycles be band from those sections? After watching on OLN this am I wondered what Glen, Daniel and Timothy thought about that.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Musette Bag

I believe now is the time to have a PWWCR Team Musette Bags.
If bicycle teams can have them, so can we.
I even found a site to order them from. They would look like this except they could have "PWWCR" on them. There is only oen drawback. The smallest order is one hundred bags. Not sure there are that many pople in this family. We might have to recruit more people.


All this talk about musette made me go to good old Webster and find out exactly what it was. Low and behold it is either a bellows-blown bagpipe popular in France in the 17th or 18th century (Daniel could have used it for his report) or a small knapsack with one shoulder strap. Glad I looked it up.


Beth, Kyle and I want to offically welcome Sam 2 to the family. He looks like he could steal all of our hearts.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sam 2 thriving in day one as a Peterson

Here is Sam 2.

He sleeps, romps around for a few minutes, eats, drinks. And, in between all of that he poops and pees. So far, mostly outdoors.

Friday, April 16, 2004

History of Pizza or History of Bicycles

An interesting discussion at lunch today led to the idea of a school report on the history of pizza. But I think the history of bicycling might be an interesting choice as well. But either of these two projects would do much to enhance Daniel Wilson's academic experience and that of all of his 7th grade colleagues.

By-the-way, Daniel may be joining the blogosphere soon. And hopefully we can get Timothy involved too.

Baby Samson Becomes a Peterson Pup Saturday

I am so excited. Tomorrow is the Grand Day of the Puppy. Starting with a trip to the spa for Ashley, so she can be smelling fine and all clean to meet little itchy brother.Then will be off with Rob for the breakfast celebration of the Grand Day of the Puppy --- waffles, for sure. And off to Chino to meet our 3rd dog and bring him home. We may take turns driving home so that Rob and Glen can hold him, and not just me the WHOLE way home. I'm sure Glen will explain to him about the Tour de France on the way home. Maybe we'll really name him Musette. Is that too girly?

I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. Can we do it? Can we raise a social, well-behaved lab? Upon relfection, I'd have to say we kinda spoiled our M.C. (Magnificent Creature, a.k.a. Samson #1). I've been studying how to housebreak a pup --- quite a diverse topic come to find out.

I just can't wait to see which one we will bring home. And how little will he be at 6.5 weeks? We couldn't even pick out a collar yet because we aren't sure what size his neck is. We only bought him three toys. A rope (pup-size), and "puppy starter kit" of Nylabones, and a miniature tennis ball. We don't want to over indulge him. :-) The book chew toy and one play toy. We must say we were slightly manipulated by the marketers...if the packaging says "puppy", maybe we need one. But we used great restraint.

We will be all consumed with cute, so please be patient with us. We are warmed up to that condition thanks to the arrival of Miss Brianna. She has taught us how to appreciate cute and find more love in our hearts.

I'm lunching with Doris and Audrey today. Audrey's on Spring Break, so out we go for some girl talk and crepes.

Great to see the photos of New Orleans! Good for Steve & Beth for taking time to get-away and play as a couple. High priority. I have favorite parts...Preservation Hall Jazz Band, coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde, and the food! And definitely people watching. Glad you had a great time.

And I'll be watching the OLN on Thursdays now. I'll check for a musette at Crate & Barrel (Steve, that made me smile). I think it is really a sweet young woman, but Glen must not know that. OK, probably not.

Phil and Lance

Hey I had no idea that Phil and the postie boys are on Thursdays. Now that
"The Donald's" show is over, maybe Cindi will let me check that out.


We are watching OLN's Road to the Tour every Thurs. night. Phil Ligget is in fine form and I wish I was in Georgia next week to see the "Tour of Georgia". Lance will be riding in that race. You noticed I said "Lance" like Beth says "Bernie". We are so familiar here in Placerville. We don't own a musette, can you buy one at Crate and Barrel, and what does it look like?

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Have you made your plans yet?

Only 79 days until the Tour de France begins from Liege, Belgium on July 3, 2004. Will you stay at home, order cable TV configured to receive OLN? Or will you head to France on an organized tour taking you daily to the various race venues with your lunch packed in your musette?

Cindi and I have decided to stay at home this year. There will be a new puppy who would be just too lonely if we were gone that long. So, warm up those golden vocal cords, Phil Ligget. We will be listening live in the morning and remixed for prime time. Who knows, maybe Uncle Glen and Aunt Cindi will invite people over to watch--especially if they bring food, gifts or even just go cycling with Uncle Glen once in a while.

Lance Armstrong's web site has more information that you could possibly know what to do with.

A Conference on Governance

So the International Policy Governance Association is putting on a conference--on what else but Policy Governance. The conference is titled "The Future of Boards: Realizing the Promise of Owner-Accountability" and will be held in Chicago, June 10-12, 2004. I am really looking forward to this learning experience from some of the experienced practitioners and consultants in the field today. I have been to several recent seminars on this topic and the approach is to talk about "best practices" in response to the obviously broken parts of the board governance system. They usually tell some stories about a board of director's dysfunctionality, make the audience laugh because everyone has faced some similar dysfunctionality and they the propose some fix for that particular problem.

In the Policy Governance model, the whole system is addressed and a new paradigm is built around some real or perceived value added that the board of directors brings to an organization. This is described as linkage between the ownership and the organization. The values brought by the board then are reduced to an explicit, written form of policies in four categories: ends, limitations or means, board-staff partnership, and board process.

Because I have had the opportunity to serve on several boards and work for one over the years I understand the need for addressing these issues with great clarity. I hope that my experience at this conference proves valuable for my work with MEDA providing technical assistance to community-based and faith-based organizations and for use with other organizations in the future. I will let you know how it progresses.

It appears to be working here

In the past, we would have some down time on the blog server and we just had
to wait for it to start working again. I haven't noticed that for a long
time now. I know that Blogger is a lot more capitalized now that Google
bought them. So I would expect less trouble.

Let's see if it continues to work ok.

test post

I am posting this because when I tried to go to the page with pwwcrfamily web name I get an error message.

Friday, April 09, 2004

New Orleans

Beth and I had a wonderful time in New Orleans. We listened to live music every night, walked down every street in the French Quarter at least twice and ate well!!!!!
Even the rain and lightening was an event. What a place to people watch. What a delightful place to spend a couple of days.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

New Orleans

Beth and I just returned from New Orleans. We found a house for sale, looks pretty inviting. Good Colleges nearby.

A nice little home in the garden section of New Orleans. $840,000.00

A great place to people watch until it rains.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

On the news

this morning: there is talk that Mr. Parks may be running for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Monday, April 05, 2004

One more event at JobStarts

The kind folks at JobStarts put on an event Saturday at the home of one of the board members. It was nice to have mom, Beth and Rob show up. I think Beth had fun chatting it up with Bernard Parks, Eighth District Los Angeles City Council.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

All 10 of them

Today was their first day outside in the sunshine! Two weeks to go until we meet them and pick one to be Sam 2.

Friday, April 02, 2004


I think waffles would be a great idea!

Beautiful pictures

Here as a picture I told last weekend. A beautiful spring day.

The little guy

I have always like Calvin. If he could only join the Kings and stir them up. Isn't there supposed to be "chevy" or "ford" under him. Oh, by the way Rob, we are expecting you to answer all the questions Kyle has about college. No pressure there but if he struggle's it will not be our fault. Besides there is not forgiveness for turning my son into a Dodger's hat wearing guy. E-mail any pictures you want on this site. I will post them for you. There has a be a way to post music so if you have a sound clip in the form of a wave file I would like to hear the song you mentioned. My funeral song is "Time to Say Goodbye" sung by Sarah Brightman. With all the trades I don't have a clue about who is on the Giants, except for that player who never used an illegal performance enhancing substance. The way the Kings are playing I will probably have more time to watch the RiverCats. And there is no giving up on anyone. ever. never. nada. though in those times I gave up on myself I was always greatful that others believed in me more than I believed in myself.

New addition to the blog

I saw this little guy on another blog and stole him. He is now dancing in our template for the time being. Any comments?