Friday, August 27, 2010

Oops...everything's new!

I am now in a new room in a different dorm than I expected, and have a different, new, roommate. But I am thrilled to be back with everyone!

Since I had considered living off campus for a while, and filled out the off-campus housing application, I was put on a different list for housing, and when the off-campus housing application was denied, I was still in limbo concerning where I was going to live. This morning (the day I checked/moved in), my Resident Director called me and said I would be in a different dorm. So here I am in Waldock Hall, which does seem to have bigger rooms than Hotchkiss had. It is an all-boys dorm. The personality of the dorm should fit me better (my opinion as well as the opinion of just about everyone else).

I'm rooming with Chan Sol Park, a freshman who just arrived 4 days ago from South Korea. He's currently chatting on Skype with his girlfriend who started at Bethel College in Indiana this week.

I still have to schedule the tests for Greek and Hebrew after I know what my work schedule in the library is going to be like. But I am very glad to be here!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

In 23 days,

I will be the roommate of an RA at The Master's College. I am excited at the prospect.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Cat

So this is my almost 20 year old cat. This cannot possibly be the most comfortable place in the house for her to rest. After I took this photo she turned around and is now facing the other way.

Pool Pals

This is one of our new friends who hang out by the pool. Pretty and pretty spectacular, if you ask me...