Saturday, December 27, 2003

From Las Vegas

What a crazy place this is!

I have tried to post some of the pictures but the JobStarts server is not responding. I will have to get that working when we get home.

I had a great time with everyone. Hope we can do it again next year.

After Christmas memories

Dear Family,

I hope all are getting rested after the big day. I want you all to know that I had a very nice time this Christmas. I thought that it would be hard to see you all disperse on Christmas day but since we don't know the exact day that Christ was born we just can celebrate His birthday when the family can be together. Missed Andrew and hope that he can come to warm So. Calif. sometime this year to visit.

God bless you everyone.

Mom, Doris, Gram

Sunday, December 21, 2003


I love Sam but have never known him to be so articulate. Also, while in PetSmart yesterday, my favorite checker said that whichever dogs I was buying for must be pretty spoiled. Have Samson and Ashley ever had Pupcorn? Samson may want to rethink his version of the "Pool Story" if he ever wants to try some...

Auntie Beth

Jealous of Glen

It seems that Glen is the only one who can post pictures. Bummer. I have a picture of the cat under the tree wishing us all a Merry Christmas (or that we would all disappear and leave her alone in HER house, can't tell the difference), but only the administrator person has those rights.

Love that Louise

Now Louise sounds like a level-headed cat. D.C., of course, is nowhere near level-headed. At this moment she is lying atop a pile of unfinished work on my desk. I have thrown her off numerous times, but she will not be deterred. When I was scanning something using Steve's computer, she was all over his desk like a rash. I believe she is anxious for us to leave so she can sleep on the bed without being thrown off. Please do not get her anything for Christmas. She wouldn"t appreciate it. She is a spoiled cat and reminds me way too much of myself at times...


This is a test blog for mom

This is a test. This will now show up on the blog.

Samson's version of the pool story

I told Sam about the pool story on the blog from Beth. He asked that I give his version of the story--he can type, he just didn't want to hog my computer.

Sam seems to remember that Rob fell into the pool when he was chasing a squirel. Sam then remembers that he jumped in the pool which had a cover on it at the time and pushed Rob out, saving him from exhaustion and eventual drowning under the cover.

Thanks to Sam, Rob is with us today.

last minute additions

thought of some other useful things:

9v, and aa batteries

socks-any color, or type.

stereo headphones-for guitar amp

phone cards

Saturday, December 20, 2003

From Louise Wilson

meoooooowwwww! I'd rather not be dog stew for Christmas, something I just noticed that was published on the blog. I do like all sorts of kitty treats you find at almost any store.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

sappy story

my fave christmas story was last year when my little brother came to visit, and i was able to hang out with him after being out of contact for three years. hope i can see both of my brothers this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Beth's First Story

One of my favorite Christmas stories happened when Glen, Cindi, Samson, Dick, and Jane came to P'Ville for Christmas. We were all around the table making merry when Rob appeared, much like Santa Claus, to annonce that Sam had gone for a dip in the swimming pool. We all laughed and went back to our merry making, confident that Rob was just joking (Rob? Joke?! Who'd 'a' thunk?) A few minutes later Rob and Sam both appeared soaking wet at the door...and we all felt a little guilty for not having believed Rob. But we got over it. Thanks to Rob and Sam for a great Christmas memory.

Mom or Auntie Beth

Beth's List


I believe I have already told the person who is an official gift giver to me, but just in case, here is the Official List:

Beth only wants things that can be use up like candles or coffee (check her closets and the rest of her house to know why...)


things that are beautiful and useful like dishes, plates, etc. in shades of blue, gold, or yellow...


Donations to worthy causes such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, churches, or the Society for the Prevention of Reproduction in the Poor White Trash Community (SPRPWTC). Yes, I made the last one up, but I couldn't help it after another day as a public school teacher in El Dorado County.


I am most looking forward to Christmas with all, or close to all, of my family.

Feliz Navidad,

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Note from Santa

It would be a good idea for everyone to check and see what other people are getting other people to avoid duplicate gifts. For example: Rob has already recieved a clock radio CD player device. He in fact already has it so this won't spoil to surprise.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Chicago is the city de jour

And, here are some images from tonight:

Dinner at the Chicago famous Berghoffs.

The street near my hotel.

The lobby of the famous Palmer House Hilton--brought to you by for $74 a night! WOW!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Timothy's List


I'm hoping that Timothy's REAL wish is for a vise, not vice. Makes a big difference...I'm just bringing it up because I have not come up with my own list yet and I'm stalling for time. Congratulations to Audrey for starting us out!


Steve's future Christmas wish

It involves all of us meeting at a home on a warm ocean, with plenty of room and activities for all the different ages. It would help if a maid and cook were part of the deal. More importantly, it would be away from the daily routines and distractions of everyday life. Now if it was a home I owned and lived at that might be even better, but I don't buy a Lottery Ticket any more. I am sure Glen could find a link for this one.

Santa note: Glen might like this link--Mayan Palace.

December in Miami

These images are from Miami from the window of my hotel overlooking Biscayne Bay. [I'll check on that spelling later.] The forcast high today was 80.

Tomorrow I am back up to Chicagoland. When I was there on yesterday, it was 26.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Kyle Curtin adds

Indiana Jones DVD Set
James Bond DVD Set One or Three

kyle's wish list

adapter to play game boy games on the game cube
Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD Special Edition
Metal of Honor Rising Sun Playstation 2 version
Soul Calibur II for Playstation 2 Version
Castlevania Lament of Innocence Playstaion 2 version

Wanna send an email to one of the blog members? Here's the addys:

Beth Peterson *
Cindi Peterson *
Doris Peterson *
Audrey Wilson *
kyle curtin *
rob weaver *
Timothy Wilson *
Glen Peterson *
Steve Curtin *
Dick and Jane Remington *

Monday, December 08, 2003

Remingtons to Blog on Dec. 17

Richard and Jane Remington are also having trouble accessing the family yule blog. We will coach them once they arrive on the 17th. Then their lives will be complete. If you are getting a gift for them, contact me. Audrey should already have my mom's wish list on e-mail. Kyle needs my dad's, so I can help, if needed.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

i guess.... [from Rob Weaver]

you guys are having too much fun. but that's not a bad thing...
here's a better list than the one including minoxadyl:

a radiator-for a 1988 toyota corolla, if you have one lying around

gift cards/certificates for: target, tower books/records, mervyns, anywhere that sells food, guitar center,,,,, amc theaters, blockbuster video, frys electronics, best buy, greyhound bus lines

lakers/dodgers shirts

tickets for lakers/dodgers games

manchester united soccer jersey-looks like this

since the cat idea was a bust, how about a pet rock?

pez dispensers-i already have c3po, batman, boba fett, and speedy gonzalez

a large, black or green one of these-


fletch, fletch lives, european vacation, anything with chevy chase, midnight cowboy

guayabera shirt(s)

cd-elliott smith: , MIRV: , simon and garfunkel, santana: best of

pants-levis 501 preshrunk, dickies: tan, black or grey work pants without the cell-phone pocket, 34w 30L

cheese-mild cheddar, jack

Winter snow is Lancaster, PA

I had to come all the way to Lancaster, PA for this image. I am sure that there are people who appreciate this kind of weather at this time of year. I liked how the sun was shining on this field, backlighting the trees and the fence. I am looking forward to being home the rest of December.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003



I am now posting as myself not as Steve on his computer while he is not at home. More later.


Beth adds the Beth plan to blogger


This will probably post as Steve, since I am using his computer (without permission, of course...) and I have attempted to sign in to Blogger but it will not let me. I can access it as my user name and password as originally set up, but I cannot access the Peterson Yule Blog. And, yes, Glen, these difficulties are NOT part of the Beth Plan as we all know and love. If you could send be another invitation, I will attempt to gain access to the Holy of Holies, the inner sanctum, and share with the rest of the group.

Love to all, except Blogger...
Beth, Mom, et al...

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Those mysterious links

Santa Claus now has administrative previleges to correct and add html and links ;~)

And, now we can all add a title or headline. [You should be able to edit your own entries already if you need to change it after you have published. Just edit, preview, and publish again.]

Steve joins in the fun!

subscription to Wine Spectator

bookstore gift certificate: Amazon Gift Certificates

music store gift certificate
Trader Joe's gift certificate

Be careful what you ask for

Dear Santa:
Trend Warning: personal items for women (sweaters, purses, etc.) are now featured with a monogram initial on them. (insert gagging noise)

Please be aware that I do not like this kind of thing. This trend can pass me by. And fast. Don't be tricked into thinking...oh, look, it's popular...I bet she'll like it. You'd lose the bet.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Grandma Pete shows off blogging skills

This is my Christmas list for 2003

1. Staples Organizer desk lamp $ 9.99

2. A jigsaw puzzle made from one of the vacation pictures from Steve and Beth's
2003 Paris vacation.

3. I can't remember the exact title but it's the biography of George W. Bush just

[Claus note: this might be it: ]

4. Time at the computer from those who exell and know how to cut and paste

Rob reconsiders--maybe hats are better

i don't really want minoxadyl.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

What a happy looking guy!

No, Rob, see the note to the right--this is your blog.

Rob wonders about his identity

i just realized, i'm in the wrong blog. i should be in the weaveryuleblog. my bad.

Addition to Cindi's Wish List:

On audio cassette or in book form: The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, by Dr. Phil ($15.60 at

Plain, pastel pink, women's crew-style socks (no design on them)

Movie gift certificates (yes, I copied Rob's idea) --- Regal, Edwards

World peace (or whirled peas)

From Samson and Ashley:

Did someone say something about a cat? That sounds delicious. Be sure to keep our water bowl filled. We might choke on the fur.

We also like Old Mother Hubbard's P-Nuttier Extra Tasty, Natural, Basted Dog Biscuits, available at Petco at the Quad.

And, those pigs ears that someone gets us at Christmas are tasty too.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Cindi's Wish List:

Soundtrack CD for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Gift certificate to:
* Pier I Imports
* Borders

* Crate & Barrel

From William-Sonoma (with catalog # --- some items only available on internet or catalog, but I'm not sure which ones):
* Olive Wood Grater, #86-4759445, $29
* Slanted Dish Drainer, #86-4739553, $18
* Peppermint Hot Chocolate Set, #88-4821526, $29
* Peppermint Bark, #88-3491297, $20
* Toffee Trio, #88-1263680, $22

Stamp Stuff for a hobby...
Contact Helen Homet:
E-mail: Phone: (562) 945-4636
Stampin' Up Consultant (free shipping if ordered by 12/10 --- saves additional 10%)
Hobby Supplies:
* Stamp Set: "Snow Angels" (#102692), $14.95
* Stamp Set: "Best Borders" (#102019), $21.95
* Paper Crimper (#101618), $19.95
* Stamp: "Hand Stamped By" (#103516), $19.95 --- add name: "Cindi"
* Stamp Set: "Good Times," (#100116), $28.95
* Gift Certificate in any amount


Here is Rob's Wish List from a previous e-mail:

1. Hat(s)

2. Gift certificate to hat store
3. Gift certificate to a store that may not specialize in the sale of
hats, but has some hats in inventory
4. Menoxidyl
5. Gift certificate for greyhound bus lines

Glen goes all out with links

Ok, so my wish list might not be as funny as Rob's has been. But, it has live links:

Inside of one hour of the new blog creation--Audrey posts for the Wilsons


blender, 9X9" baking dish, 11x8" baking dish, blue kitchen towels, leaf blower

Timothy--[a] vice, thread seal tape, Home Depot gift card, Battel's Hardware gift certificate

2001 Tour de Suisse video,

2000 Tour de France video, 1998 Tour de France video, 2000 Giro d'Italia video, 1997 Tour de France video, 1999 Vuelta a Espana video, 2003 Vuelta a Espana DVD, 2003 Giro d'Italia DVD, Crash DVD, 2003 Year in Review book, money, WCP (World Cycling Productions) gift card ( you can find all of these at

Drawing-Lottery results, held at Grandma Pete's

Here are the gift-giving pairing for Christmas Eve gift-sharing fun 2003:
Doris gives to Steve
Glen gives to Dave
Cindi gives to Audrey
Beth gives to Cindi
Steve gives to Doris
David gives to Glen
Rob gives to Beth
Kyle gives to Richard
Audrey gives to Jane
Richard gives to Rob
Jane gives to Kyle

Please post your wish list on this blog to help the person who is shopping for you. Thanks.

Blog Launched

Here is the first sample posting. I will send everyone an invitation to join the blog. You may then sign in and post your wish list stuff for Christmas, post Christmas greetings for everyone to read. Please enjoy the first Peterson Yule Blog!

Blog is a contracted word--a combination of the word "web" and "log" --"blog."