Friday, September 28, 2007

Take a sample citizenship test.

Speaking of citizenship, or lack thereof...


  1. Doris guessed there are 15 amendments to the constitution, and 453 members of the house of representatives. Her citizenship is suspect...

  2. Score: 100% -- I thought that was a big deal until I read this:

    Note: Multiple choice questions are not part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services test. Exams are given orally.

    Multiple choices were easier.

    I can remember when the 26th amendment took effect because it directly affected me and my peers.

  3. I would have failed an oral test, even if it was given in my native language.

  4. Ummm.....I knew 7 answers for sure. The others I could have guessed correctly. None affect my life in any way, except that I teach American history in 5th grade and grade kids on their ability to remember such answers.

  5. I got a dismal 53%. Never was a test taker (oh, that's an overused excuse...just ask me...I work in the homeschool industry).