Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today, for the first time since transferring to Cal State Fullerton I met with an academic advisor.
I learned from Tammy Rogers that I have to take three more "collateral courses" to complete my degree in journalism. These courses are upper division "liberal arts" classes that are required in addition to the journalism course work I am taking.
This means that i will have to take a class during intersession (a class that is is taught during Christmas vacation) and then take 15 units next sememster, after which I will take the six unit internship required to graduate next summer.

So, I will be pretty busy with school for the next ten months...

I am on schedule to graduate in August of 2008 at this rate.


To graduate from CSUF, 120 units are required. Full-time students take 12 units... so for someone to attend school full-time for four years, they will only reach 96 units, 24 units short of the requirement to graduate...

Does anyone graduate in four years anymore?


  1. Yay Rob!.

    Let's just say if anyone is graduating in 4-years, they are being pretentious, no?

    I am glad you met with the advisor, thanks for sharing about that.

  2. No pressure Rob. Isn't it nice to relax???

  3. I am relieved you met with an advisor, too. I found out 6 weeks prior to scheduled graduation that I was .5 credits short of graduating. It worked out, but advisors are so helpful as you near the finish line. That was interesting about the amount of credits needed to graduate vs. reality. No wonder it is so rare to finish in four years -- except for kids going in with AP credits from high school, I guess.

  4. Oops. I meant units, not credits. Credits are high school.