Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vancouver British Columbia--that's in Canada

Buchart Gardens

There is really no way to describe this in all its floral Canadian floweriness. Former cement quarry turned into a flower garden.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Camping Girl

Brianna and her parents went camping. They made smores, fished, and rode bikes. Everyone had a great time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Back in Seattle this morning

We woke up this morning to find ourselves docked in Seattle Washington. What at trip!

There are lots of photos to show off. Here is one from the far north to whet your appetite.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

typos, schmypos.

it's all conversational, to me. i realize that you meant than, when you typed thatn.

New Job(s)

School started for me last week. I am actually a 12 month employee now, but the kids showed up last Tuesday, so that means the real work has begun. I have a great class this year, with a couple of in particular we think comes to school stoned because of his mother's medicinal marijuana use. I teach until lunch (12:50) and then head over to the District Office. There I am the Principal for our Community Day School. We started the year with 6 kids and won't grow to more thatn 10 students. In that group we have students who have been expelled as well as those who would have been expelled if we did not accept them into our program. Lots of sad stories there, but the kids are great. We work mostly on social skills and behavior.

I also manage the Safe and Drug Free Schools, Gifted and Talented, and McKinney-Vento Homeless Education programs. The first one is mostly spending money for tobacco and alcohol use prevention assemblies, curriculum, etc. Very limited flexibility.

Our McKinney-Vento program provides support to children who are considered "homeless" under the federal definition, including living with relatives for financial reasons (doubling up), unaccompanied youth ("couch surfers"), those living in campgrounds, or, the two categories we see most often, students who live in substandard housing or in motels. I have been involved in this program for 4 years and am looking forward to managing it this year.

The Gifted and Talented program is the one that has used up a lot of my time already. A lot of energy is put in to this program, though there is little if any money attached to it. Parents are looking for a lot, the school board is interested, etc., etc., etc.

When I leave school Cindy Mosbacher comes to work in the room for the afternoon. The schedule works well for her. I have know her for a long time but not well. My kids know her kids, at least the 2 older ones. Things are working out VERY well. The kids are happy, the parents are happy, Cindy is happy and that makes me happy:-) Considering the parents of the students this year, it's very good that they are happy. As I said, it's a great group of kids, but the parents are pretty high maintenance.

Alright, enough of the work angle. More later. (Hope there're no typos in this blog like in the last;-)

Since You Aksed...

Peterson-Weaver-Wilson-Curtin-Remington (et al) Family Blog Since Rob asked what's up with the rest of us, I will respond. Right now I am sitting in the El Dorado Arts Council office for the traditional 3rd Saturday Art Walk event in downtown P'Ville. A few of us share this responsibility with our Program Administrator who is currently in Malibu for some art/film festival thing in Malibu. The other board member who is supposed to be here with me has not shown up, which is fine since no one has come in and I have time to check the Blog, etc. I even brought a book to read. Steve and Kyle went to a River Cats baseball game. The reason we have the office open one Saturday a month is that we show member artists' work for sale.

dog days

i saw a gnarly rat in glen and cindi's garage. it was gross.
since august is a traditionally slow news month, i thought i'd report what i could.
anyone else see/do anything awesome lately? anything not even awesome? anything?
first day of school on tuesday...
that's all i gots.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Floyd Landis…the Truth, the Fans, and the Future

The announcement of Floyd’s second drug test clouded the day. We cheered for him, a California resident, as winner of the Tour of California 2006. He inspired us with effort, tenacity with a disintegrating hip, and humble beginnings. We delighted watching Landis win the Tour de France 2006.

May he be vindicated. I offer the benefit of the doubt, and avoid other annoying problems: betraying a team, sponsors, family, and fans. When does reality preclude hopeful hearts? Not today.

Always tell the truth, Floyd. If you are guilty, can you swing a bat? Other professional sports are more forgiving.