Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dave's Birthday

It was David's birthday last week. He came for dinner and birthday ice cream. He didn't model his new Dodgers' shirt. Two kinds of ice cream, yummm.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doubles anyone?

Doubles Anyone?

On the way to the University this morning, Linden, our driver, pulled over to the side of the road to a small building with a crowd standing around eating “Doubles.” With a big smile he asked us, “Doubles anyone?” Lots of people stood around eating these. Cars just double-parked in the street blocking traffic into the university for the spicy little snacks.

Doubles are sandwiches made with garbanzo beans (I think they call them chick peas or just peas here), potatoes and a chile sauce on paratha, a fried bread. Another interesting ingredient was mango pits that looked like little rib bones. They seemed to contain much of the spiciness.

Everything is better with a song . . .

. . .is this guys theory. He was singing some kind of song that I knew I would never forget (but I forgot). I was really funny. Since I was engaging him to take a picture he was really interested in me. The others in our group just ignored him and he them. I asked Sham (seen in the background), my friend from Pomona who is Trinidadian to tip him for me. Sham just looked at me like I was the crazy one.


A note from Trinidad


Dexter, on the left, is our group's leader and host here is Trinidad and Tobago. I think he is baffled about why I called his name 3 times before I could get a picture of him--you know my camera takes a minute to think before it shoots.

Note that he is not the driver, the guy on the right side seat is the driver. We drive on the left side of the street.
Tonight, me and my room mate Dor-Dor were able to break bread together for the first time in recent memory (although we didn't actually have any bread) and we took part in a cooperative effort in the preparation of our victuals.

It was agreed that I would cook salmon, as I had once or twice before when she had obligations in the evening that required me to dine alone, but there was some debate about the appropriate side-dish. I was rooting for egg noodles, but I didn't object much when Doris suggested mashed potatos. In addition, we also had corn. Holla!

I had just awakened from a nap, and the word "fun" was written all over my groggy face...
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I handled the task of salmon preparation while my Grams handled the puree de papas, y mais.
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Doris took care of her entire portion of pink fish (I'm so proud of her!) while I had to save half for later.
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Now, with bellies full, we are bonding over our usual summertime evening ritual of watching our two favorite Dodgers play on T.V. My favorite player is Takashi "Sammy" Saito because of his diminutive stature, and ever present exuberant smile, while Grammy-Gram likes the wiley Quebecois catcher, Russell Martin. (He is so good! she often exclaims)
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Glen Lands in Trinidad

I watched Glen's (well, Continental's) flight progress online from Houston to Port of Spain, Trinidad. I watched the plane icon move across the map turning south at Florida and head on over to just above South America, where the data read "Landed" at about 4:05 California time...8:05 Trinidad time, I think. I wonder if it is dark there? So close to the Equator. He is now farther East than anything in the United States. Don't you love geography? Well, you can read more from him at

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Eggs

Brianna and Shawntea coloring Easter eggs.
Brianna hunts for eggs in the Easter dress MamaBeth gave her.
Jonah video tapes the hunt. Check back for the CD.

MamaBeth helps with the hunt. The Easter bunny is clever.

Door and Flowers

Cindi planted some lovely flowers today. I can't wait until I come home and see how much they've grown!

IMG_0015 IMG_0020 IMG_0018 IMG_0017
Self-portrait/alter-ego assignment for my photography class.

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I didn't follow directions very well for the assignment, but I like the pics.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Must be Easter

Brianna is coloring the Easter Egg GreatMama Doris sent her. She was glad to see Mama Beth this morning. She tried on her new dress and drank tea and sang songs, a great morning visit.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New kitchen floor almost done!

Now all Timothy has to do is tile the bathroom and wax the new floor (in 48 hours).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Heather's new product

This is a page in Simple Living Magazine. My niece Heather Curtin designed these measuring spoons. You can buy them at Crate and Barrel. Way to go Heather.

Brianna opens Mama Jane's Package

Here is Brianna with her presents from Mama Jane. She is playing t-ball, pictures are coming. She is moving into her new home next week. A very exciting time for her.

Monday, April 02, 2007

What time is it where you are?

That is a funny looking clock to the right--------->

In Trinidad and Tobago this is what time it is: