Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Turnbull Fire Report Follow Up

A couple of pictures of the fire affected area. I rode up today after it was really too hot to do so. There is debris in the road: rocks and sand. The burn area begins about one mile from the top on the Whittier side.

Turnbul point 9 from top

There were several large birds of prey circling on the up-hill-side.


This was the third day and the lowest mileage that Jeff and I rode together. Today was about 14 miles; Saturday was 40 miles round-trip up the San Gabriel River; Monday was 33 miles, we went south on SGRT. I know, 87 miles is nothing for some of the readers of this blog. But I had fun and feel like I put in some effort.


  1. I'm impressed! Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Was it hot today? I didn't really notice until 60 miles into today's ride. I went to Mt Baldy Village, and someone coming out of the visitor center said it was 100 degrees, but it seriously felt like 70 to me. Maybe it was the clouds.

  3. Enjoyed the pictures. I can't imagine riding in this heat. I can hardly imagine riding when it isn't even hot.