Sunday, November 30, 2003

What a happy looking guy!

No, Rob, see the note to the right--this is your blog.

Rob wonders about his identity

i just realized, i'm in the wrong blog. i should be in the weaveryuleblog. my bad.

Addition to Cindi's Wish List:

On audio cassette or in book form: The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, by Dr. Phil ($15.60 at

Plain, pastel pink, women's crew-style socks (no design on them)

Movie gift certificates (yes, I copied Rob's idea) --- Regal, Edwards

World peace (or whirled peas)

From Samson and Ashley:

Did someone say something about a cat? That sounds delicious. Be sure to keep our water bowl filled. We might choke on the fur.

We also like Old Mother Hubbard's P-Nuttier Extra Tasty, Natural, Basted Dog Biscuits, available at Petco at the Quad.

And, those pigs ears that someone gets us at Christmas are tasty too.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Cindi's Wish List:

Soundtrack CD for the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Gift certificate to:
* Pier I Imports
* Borders

* Crate & Barrel

From William-Sonoma (with catalog # --- some items only available on internet or catalog, but I'm not sure which ones):
* Olive Wood Grater, #86-4759445, $29
* Slanted Dish Drainer, #86-4739553, $18
* Peppermint Hot Chocolate Set, #88-4821526, $29
* Peppermint Bark, #88-3491297, $20
* Toffee Trio, #88-1263680, $22

Stamp Stuff for a hobby...
Contact Helen Homet:
E-mail: Phone: (562) 945-4636
Stampin' Up Consultant (free shipping if ordered by 12/10 --- saves additional 10%)
Hobby Supplies:
* Stamp Set: "Snow Angels" (#102692), $14.95
* Stamp Set: "Best Borders" (#102019), $21.95
* Paper Crimper (#101618), $19.95
* Stamp: "Hand Stamped By" (#103516), $19.95 --- add name: "Cindi"
* Stamp Set: "Good Times," (#100116), $28.95
* Gift Certificate in any amount


Here is Rob's Wish List from a previous e-mail:

1. Hat(s)

2. Gift certificate to hat store
3. Gift certificate to a store that may not specialize in the sale of
hats, but has some hats in inventory
4. Menoxidyl
5. Gift certificate for greyhound bus lines

Glen goes all out with links

Ok, so my wish list might not be as funny as Rob's has been. But, it has live links:

Inside of one hour of the new blog creation--Audrey posts for the Wilsons


blender, 9X9" baking dish, 11x8" baking dish, blue kitchen towels, leaf blower

Timothy--[a] vice, thread seal tape, Home Depot gift card, Battel's Hardware gift certificate

2001 Tour de Suisse video,

2000 Tour de France video, 1998 Tour de France video, 2000 Giro d'Italia video, 1997 Tour de France video, 1999 Vuelta a Espana video, 2003 Vuelta a Espana DVD, 2003 Giro d'Italia DVD, Crash DVD, 2003 Year in Review book, money, WCP (World Cycling Productions) gift card ( you can find all of these at

Drawing-Lottery results, held at Grandma Pete's

Here are the gift-giving pairing for Christmas Eve gift-sharing fun 2003:
Doris gives to Steve
Glen gives to Dave
Cindi gives to Audrey
Beth gives to Cindi
Steve gives to Doris
David gives to Glen
Rob gives to Beth
Kyle gives to Richard
Audrey gives to Jane
Richard gives to Rob
Jane gives to Kyle

Please post your wish list on this blog to help the person who is shopping for you. Thanks.

Blog Launched

Here is the first sample posting. I will send everyone an invitation to join the blog. You may then sign in and post your wish list stuff for Christmas, post Christmas greetings for everyone to read. Please enjoy the first Peterson Yule Blog!

Blog is a contracted word--a combination of the word "web" and "log" --"blog."