Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Tour de France News

Today was the Team Time Trial that USPS won last year and moved Jan Ullrich 43 seconds farther away from Lance. Today? Well, because of a new rule, Ullrich only got 40 seconds farther from the yellow jersey! What I mean is, US Postal won, and Ullrich's T-Mobile team took third. Good news, and another one of Lance's rivals, Tyler Hamilton, his team took second, more than one minute down from USPS. I guess the new rule says that you can only lose 20 seconds from next team up, so Tyler just lost 20 seconds to Lance. Lance now leads the Tour de France, although he doesn't want to defend it yet because it would strain the team too much for the mountains in front of them.

It was a rainy day with a tail wind, which made it very difficult to stay upright on the paint on the road. Tyler Hamilton's team, Phonak, lost 3 or 4 guys due to this (and puntures), so they only finished with 5 guys, the bare minimum.

Here you can see how wet it was for US Postal, which had the worst weather. Lance seems like a really happy guy!

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