Friday, July 09, 2004

Hamburger or pizza

After the massive pile-up at the 1 KM mark, I saw Robbie McEwen's leg and thought--"hamburger". The creative writing staff on the official T de F web site put it this way: ". . .Robbie McEwen who slid along the tarmac long enough for him to tear a big hole in his green knicks and make his powerful quadriceps look more like a pizza cooked up with the dangerous combination of speed and gravel."

It was amazing to see Juan Antonio Flecha so far in the lead for such a long time. What happened demonstrated how this is so much a team sport and not an individual thing. When the peloton swarmed down on him and passed him--I think it was at 8 KM before the finish--it looked like he had all of his energy drawn out of him. PL said it looked something like predatory birds swooping down on him as they approached. It was dramatic.

I hope we get the real commentary from Daniel today. Even though he didn't come over today to watch, he will have the inside track. Daniel--you might want to come over to watch the expanded coverage later today!

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