Sunday, July 29, 2007

A great Tour de France

How can the Tour not be? Started 104 years ago, this race has seen too much to not evoke wild excitement in the bike racing fan. For fans around the world who watched the Tour stages daily, it was very exciting to have the first 3 places separated by just over half a minute over 91 hours of racing. For the American fan, the race was a success because Levi Leipheimer took 3rd place overall--with a stage win. The American-based team sponsored by Discovery Channel and Johan Bruyneel took yet another overall victory with 24-year-old Alberto Contador of Spain, who also won a stage. 1st place, 3rd place, 8th place (thanks to Yaroslav Popovych), victory of the team race (for the first time)--what a great Tour, the 'Disco' boys must be thinking.

Here's how it looks internationally:
London appreciated having the Tour, as it amassed huge profits from (T)ourism. They're already planning on the next Tour visit to Britain.
Australians must be happy about Cadel Evans being in 2nd place--he's the 1st Aussie to be on the podium.
Colombian Soler took a stage and the King of the Mountains jersey (maillot à pois)--"Lucho" Herrera was the 1st Colombian to do both of those things in the '80s.
Of course, Spain took the overall victory, their 9th.

And locally:
My aunt and uncle hosted their 5th annual TdF watching, and Sam learned to behave like the dog he saw in the hat, not crossing the road when the riders fly by.


  1. I am glad is learning to not cross in front of bikes. Two dog/cycle meet dog events is enough.

  2. Yes, wow what a Tour. The real drama is the the racing and everything that goes with it. There was excitement for everyone. It was great having Daniel watch with us when he wasn't out doing his very own monster mountain stages. And, great having Timothy over once.

    I think I'll start knitting some kind of hat for Sam--the lab on TV was a mountain stage polka dot wearing kind of dog. What kind of hat do you think same should have? Perhaps green for points?

  3. I really enjoyed to Tour again from many perspectives. Each year has something different to offer. Your post was nicely done. And I'm getting both Sam and Ash yellow collars for the month of July 2008. Maybe for the Tour of California week, too -- though they won't be going until Glen finishes the hat(s)!