Thursday, July 19, 2007

Landis in Pasadena Borders--UPDATED

So, I trekked up to Pasadena to meet Mr. Landis last night. I arrived about half an hour early as the manager was trying to figure out where to put more chairs. There were maybe forty chairs already filled in a corner of the store. He must have set up another 20 chairs a few minutes later as I counted about 60 chairs. By 7 PM at least 4 times that many people standing among the book stacks waiting for Floyd who showed up about 7:30.

Floyd made some opening remarks and then answered questions.

A couple of interesting things I heard at the event:

Giro helmets, the Smith & Nephew the hip resurfacing system manufacturer and one other have remained sponsors since the accusations came out last fall.

Today in Riverside is the last stop on the one-month tour de book. After which, according to Brook, the publicist, Floyd will disappear to prepare for the Leadville 100 in Colorado.

Floyd says he loves California and hopes to live here in the sunshine as long as possible. Where does he like to ride? From his home in Murrieta to Mt. Baldy or to Mt. Palomar.

I thanked Floyd for his comment about having only "smart" fans now--everyone else has left. It is hard to understand all the details of the defense.

You can read some of the questions and another perspective at a blog called Glendora Mountain Road.

UPDATE: The other remaining sponsor is CycleOps Power Tap.

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  1. The guy at Borders said they did a Harry Potter event recently and only a few people showed up. So he was pleased that there was such a good showing for this one--even though he thought not many people would have even heard of Floyd Landis.