Friday, July 20, 2007

Called in to the Radio Station Today [Floyd Landis posting again]

Ted Chen, substituting for Patt Morrison, on KPCC 89.3, had David Walsh who had written a book about doping in professional cycling—his own fantasy version apparently from what he said on the radio today. I couldn’t imagine that he meant all the tests that showed no doping were wrong. So I called the station; they took my call on the air; and yup. He confirmed it.

I asked something like this:
It seems that Floyd Landis is asking us to believe that one test was in error when it showed that he may be positive. But, Mr. Walsh, who has just impugned the top 10 riders in this year’s Tour as dopers even though they have had negative performance enhancing drug (PED) tests. Therefore, does Mr. Walsh believe all the science and all the tests are wrong?

I believe that he confirmed that ALL negative tests are wrong. Otherwise some other people would be winning the race, not the current top ten. [It’s clear isn’t it?] It seems the thesis of his book is that Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis clearly doped because he says so and science is wrong. After all he knows some who says so too.

He went on to say that many kinds of PED cannot be tested for. Which clearly indicates that riders are using those too. Otherwise how could they win.

I understand now Landis’ annoyance when responding to some of his detractors if they are using this kind of logic.

I think Mr. Chen did a nice job handling Mr. Walsh. Chen seemed unbiased against Walsh [as I clearly am] and had some knowledge of the issues at hand. Mr. Chen was substituting and is a report from NBC4 in Los Angeles. KPCC is a Los Angeles NPR affiliate.

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