Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I was asked to house sit for two weeks -- on very short notice -- for some people I don't really know very well. Among other minor household chores, I am responsible for feeding/watering three animals.

Digger the gecko eats 4-5 meal worms every other day, but otherwise isn't that exciting to be around. He's kind of lethargic.


Squaker the... er... noisy bird of some sort doesn't sit still very long, and according to owner Mrs. Barneson has out-lived his/her own life expectancy in years by more than double. I'm supposed to dump out his/her food in which he/she sleeps and poops, every few days or so and replace it.


And of course, there's my new best friend in the whole world, Chelsea the Golden Retriever! She takes a drug cocktail twice a day that I give to her when she thinks she's eating a normal hot dog, but really she's eating pills hidden inside.


Chelsea was named for the daughter of former president Bill Clinton more than a decade ago, and thus, she is a bit long in the tooth.


  1. Wow! Makes house/dog sitting for us a piece of cake? Perhaps. Good photos of the pets. Enjoyed your update. Hope you are getting along OK. I guess I should be grateful that I don't sleep and poop in my food. Sometimes I feel far from my goals, so I should shift my perspective.