Saturday, July 18, 2009

TdF: stage 14

Today was another flat stage with a breakaway riding away in the subsiding rain. 34-year-old Russian champion Seguei Ivanov won the stage alone.

American George Hincapie was in the day's escape, and hoped to wear the yellow jersey in tomorrow's mountain stage, but he missed it by a mere 5 seconds, disappointing him utterly. The 36-year-old wore the yellow jersey in stage 2 in 2006, after coming in 2nd in the prologue, <1 second behind. That was after helping Lance win all 7 of his overall victories, but is now on another American team. Lance said today: "Noone, and I mean noone, wanted George in yellow more than me."

Hincapie riding in the breakaway

Hincapie disappointed to find he didn't have the 5 seconds.

Other TdF news:
Yesterday, Spanish sprinter Oscar Freire was shot in the leg with an air rifle pellet. He heard the blast of the gun as he was riding and felt the pain. He continued today and should be okay. Lance Armstrong called this act "sick", and said if he had seen the bad spectator, he would have beat him up.

Today, an elderly woman tried to cross the road when the race wasn't around, but a motorbike hit her. She died at the hospital. Two other spectators were airlifted to the hospital after the same motorbike hit them, being out of control from the impact against the woman. They should be ok.

Tomorrow's mountain-top finish should open up some gaps in the Tour, and we'll see who's strong. Astana direction Johan Bruyneel said this about tomorrow:
Tomorrow we don’t know what will happen. I’ve no idea who will be in yellow tomorrow night. Not the slightest idea.

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