Monday, July 13, 2009

Grandma Pete at hospital

Mom (Audrey) got a call today from Grandma Pete (Doris), who has had pains recently. After going to Urgent Care, she was sent to the hospital with deep-vein thrombosis.

She would rather not have something like this happen right before a trip to Ohio, but certainly it's better than it happening during the trip.

Better-informed family members may correct and update as needed.


  1. Thanks Daniel. My update:

    I visited Grandma Pete while she was eating her dinner. She ate all of her broccoli and brown stuff in a bowl. The salad was dry but she complained to the worker who picked up her dishes that she didn't really like that kind of dressing. The worker wisely commented: "well, you can't always get what you want."

    She hopes that she will get to go home tomorrow morning. They took some blood samples to check for coagulative properties. And will begin medication tonight.

    The nurses were being very nice and taking care of things. She is pleased with the doctor, who is a hospitalist, and his care.

    Beth, Cindi, and Marilyn Ploog called while I was there. And, Rob and Audrey had been there earlier. I think she is enjoying the attention.

    One worry she had was that her car is in the parking lot overnight. I checked with a security guard who was cruising around in his patrol pick-up truck and he is going to watch out for it during the night.

    Doctor also told her that she would be well to take her planned trip to Ohio in August.

    I'll leave more information later.

    Also, I tweeted the fact that I was headed to hospital. It appeared on my Facebook account and people started to inquire about my health. If anyone inquires, I am fine.

  2. There was a 78-year-old retired nurse who was in Dr. Gott's column in the paper today, but she had atrial fibrillation, not deep-vein thrombosis.