Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jane Moved Forward

Friday completed week one in the Tour de Hip for Jane Remington. No sprint wins however. And Dad is a prize domestique.

Mom returned home on Monday, following the successful hip replacement surgery just four days earlier. She said her doctor was wonderful. She was ready to get home to nights without hospital noises and food that was palatable. Though, her medication has delayed her taste buds returning to normal.

Each day, a therapist comes to check bandages, consult with the patient, and escort Jane through exercises and activities, such as walking through the house and maneuvering short sets of steps. She sleeps all night in her bed. Prior to surgery, she'd wake up in pain and move to the recliner chair to finish the night.

Jane is pleased with her progress, and delighted with the no pain hip. She moves about independently, though slowly and cautiously, with the aid of the walker. She is following her directions for rehab step-by-step.

It has been just one week, and she is thrilled with the progress and relief! The experts say it will be about a month for her to return to normal...driving and everything. She is gaining confidence in the hip's ability to function normally. Meanwhile, the walker and Solitaire will keep her company.

Dad is doing well, though ends the day tired. Friends from church have provided meals. My brother installed handles in the shower, which is wise under any circumstances.

Thanks for your interest and continued prayers on their behalf.


  1. I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well!

  2. Glad for the new technology and the fact she didn't need this surgery until it was perfected. God is so good,