Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stage 9

Stage 9 was quite similar to the eighth stage yesterday. Mountains early in the ride to make everyone tired, without mixing up the GC.

A few years ago Lance's coach Chris Carmichael called a stage early in the race with mountains early in the stage "a waste of calories". This year a rider said about the Tourmalet, a big climb, "A 25mph average for a stage that included the Tourmalet? It’s weird. You still suffer up the Tourmalet, but it was a strange day, very strange."

Pierrick Fedrigo won the stage. He is Italian by heritage but French by nationality.

Lots of fans

One more note from yesterday: in one of the stage recap videos, they said riders reached speeds of 110 k/h -- that's 68 mph!

Lance is still in 3rd place overall, 8 seconds behind. Tomorrow (Monday) is a rest day for the riders. The next few stages have no major climbs in them.

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