Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is Barack Hussein Obama a U.S. citizen? Let's hear it...


  1. I don't even know where my birth certificate is. Thanks for posting this, Rob. The announcement in the paper in 1961 was new to me. I am surprised once again that this is still an issue for some good folks. I have 24 hours in a day and the energy for that day to dedicate to things within my control, or even perhaps influence. This topic falls way outside of that for me, so I give it little to no thought. On the other side, what if President Obama is not a citizen? Then from my world view, God still wanted him in the office of president for this time for His reasons and permitted it to happen for whatever lessons are in store for the USA. However, I have to leave this one to the variety of authorities who have checked the facts and move on with my life.

  2. I say he is paving the way for Schwarzenegger for President.

  3. OK, Steve, I am laughing now!

    With so many real things about which one might be critical, seems like a waste to be reciting the pledge of allegiance with your congress person over this issue.

    Now back to proving the moon landing was faked. I have Elvis and MJ waiting for me downstairs.