Monday, August 06, 2007

It's kind of funny how the pitcher who gave up Barry Bond's record-tying 755th homerun tested positive for steroids in 2005.

Baseball's starting to look a lot like cycling.


  1. I want to make a comment, but nothing comes to mind. I am not sure we would have many players in US sports if there was drug testing to the degree that cyclist are tested. I am not sure there would be many therapists either....
    not meeee only the prescription kind.

  2. And, the characters are the same as in cycling: General Manager Kevin Towers said: "It's good the names are out there. Public disclosures are going to be beneficial. I hope it embarrasses the heck out of them."

    Embarrass the heck. That's what I call accountability. No more of that 2 year ban.

  3. I have a question. Which is worse for him, testing positive for steroids or being optioned to the minors?

  4. Not to mentioned he has, or should have, no more "heck" in him...having had it embarrassed out of him and all.