Sunday, May 13, 2007

Timothy's Clavicle

If you have to be the first to see the x-ray, here it is. We should be able to make it slighty more clear.

The two bones in the middle of the image make the collar bone, and should be together, but they're about an inch off.


  1. Yikes! What a story this continues to be! Ouch! Hope Timothy can sleep OK and doesn't go crazy being off work so long.

  2. Normally this would hurt, but since the 2 parts of the bone aren't even touching, it doesn't bother him too much. Mom is trying to make an appointment with a surgeon.

    I don't think the picture is going to get much better on the computer, so the hard copy will have to be enough if you really want to see it.

  3. Very cool! I'll shw it to my 5th grade class like I did Rob's picture of the coyote.

  4. That must hurt! I hope the doc lets you keep the pictures.