Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taking the Train

Once a month, I get together with a long-time friend of mine, Lorna, who now lives an hour and 10 minutes from here. She was one of two friends that made it to our wedding. Now she's a newlywed living in SoCal, so we get to see each other frequently. We've known each other since our early 20's.

I now take the train out to visit her. I really enjoy that. I like figuring it all out. There is a stop in the quaint town of Orange. I walk to Starbuck's, get a steamy latte, and enjoy the sights along the way. On the train, I get a chance to sit quietly and gaze out the window at the varied landscapes as the train rolls on. I watch the traffic on the highway that we run parallel to for part of the route. I like to sit in the upstairs section at a seat with a table, in case I need to get some work done. It is a great opportunity to people watch, too. Mostly I just read and think and enjoy the view.

The trains were so accessible when I lived in Illinois. We'd often hop on and take it into the city of Chicago for various occassions and events. Wish it was that easy out here. I do miss that and it makes me glad I have this little adventure each month.

Tomorrow is the day. A train trip out east...well, slightly. Clickety-clack. I'll be back by 5:00.

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