Friday, May 11, 2007

20 School Days Left

It's always a happy time when I realize summer vacation is on its way! Rob must be done by now, or maybe a week away from summer. Will he take summer classes? We will wait to hear. Beth is probably two weeks away from summer vacation...or summer school administration. And I'm done on June 8th with students. Wrap-up reports and stuff will last to the 15th, but it just feels better to be mostly finished with another year. And Daniel closes up the run for the finish. I'm sure his school ends mid-June, leaving behind his sophomore year to a summer of cycling. Audrey may be finished before or after Daniel, too, with a break before summer school. Is she teaching it this year? [This is the best I can do to get beyond "Since No One Is Blogging," or whatever that was.] And Doris will keep watching those Dodgers.

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