Sunday, February 10, 2008

Girl Power

If a woman becomes president, will there be four years of gender bashing in cartoons, late night shows, news programs, and blogs? Society seems uncomfortable and unprepared for women in public leadership, with exception perhaps for activists Lady Di, Oprah, and Mother Teresa. Will media comments be disrespectful, crass, and sexist instead of policy-based criticism? Already comments have been made regarding Hilary’s appearance. I respect her and have not yet determined my vote. I thank Hilary for boldness to run. Unfortunately, it seems women in this country are still valued most for…well, ask cosmetic surgeons.


  1. Good question. I've been thinking this week about a discussion Steve and I had about John McCain's wife. Is it surgery or "good genes" that are to thank for her youthful appearance? I said good genes. Then I thought, I am going in for blood work tomorrow morning and hope for the really good genetics there. That's what good genes can do for you personally, make it easier to maintain good health. the good genes of appearance, though, creep up in importance when we're not looking or thinking about what we say.

  2. McCain's wife is 55, 17 years younger than John and 2 years older than I am. She was a teacher when they met. Men marrying teachers are wise.