Monday, January 07, 2008



I did ask Rob to help and now I think there will be some success. I had 2.5" rain Saturday 1/5/08, ,44" Sunday, 1..1" Monday the 7th. This makes 4,04" for the 3 cells that just passed through. And 10.41" for this season. Normal for this time of year is 6.37". It makes me feel good to see this much rain even though I know we are way low from years past.


  1. Oh good, you made in onto the blog with a new post!! Glad to have been of help. Love that technical weather lingo too.

  2. Thanks to whomever gave you that rain gauge. It is nice to read about your storm totals. Yesterday Beth's class got out just as an intense storm cell went through. I thought it was funny, but she had a different perspective. I guess it was because I was inside at the time instead of standing in the downpour.