Saturday, January 19, 2008

My niece's art

My niece Christina Olsen Burtner creates art. Her blog has some examples of her art.


  1. Is this your brother's daughter from Washington? Oregon? That we met at Kyle's graduation? Cool.

  2. No, it is my cousin Gary’s daughter. I guess that makes her a second cousin instead of a neice?? I am not sure of the genealogy terms. My brother's daughter is the kitchen tools and appliances designer. She lives and works just south of Seattle.

  3. I thinks it cool also. If you go to her blog she has links to her husbands video production site. The trailer I like is the one from Japan. The Karaoke segment draws deep laughs. I wish I had a site for Heather's work, but I don't know one. I don't remember Heather being at Kyle's graduation. A friend of Kyle's mom brought her daughter. I looked through my pictures and didn't see one of her at the graduation. I'll e-mail a recent picture to you.