Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wish You Were Here...

If all goes well, click on the title to see a picture of the prime rib I came home with from Safeway this afternoon. Silly me, I told the butcher I needed enough for 8 - 10 with one of those being a 4 year old. She sent me off to do the rest of my shopping and I came back to this. Umm...looks like enough for 8 - 10 and 10 of their best friends, too. Wish you were all here! Enough for all!! Actually, you may see some of this if I bring leftovers.


  1. Now that is up-close-and-personal.

    Bring on the leftovers.

    We got home later than I thought I should call you back. Jane had a good day at the hospital today, they are getting her prepped for a colonoscopy. Should know tomorrow if the travel plans change or not. Docs think it could be a minor and fast healing thing. Feel free to call me on my cell number any time.

  2. The the picture "unfolded" layer by layer as it loaded. That is a chunk of meat. I'll double my cholesterol medicine just for looking at it!