Sunday, December 03, 2006

Traveling again--Appalachia

Ideally, I would already be in Chicago waiting for my flight to Charleston, WV. Instead, due to unfavorable weather in Chicago that has cause runway conditions that are delaying landings, I am in our living room, next to the Christmas tree in Whittier.

I will be taking a later flight to Washington DC (Dulles) overnight and then on to Charleston in the morning. This week's schedule includes Monday: Charleston, WV; Tuesday: Pittsburgh, PA; Wednesday: Binghampton, NY (from where I drive south to Montrose, PA). All these places are considered part of Appalachia. This is all freelance work--second year assessment work. We will make recommendations for capacity building interventions. That is why my company is called the Capacity Partnership Group.

In other news: someone got let go from the office this week. I was given more hours and more responsibility due to someone else's quitting last month.

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  1. I just spoke with Glen (about 9:40am EST). He sounds good, for flying all least, he was upgraded to first class from LAX. The second leg of the travel was a small plane, though. Not a long flight, but probably no first class. Have a good day, Glen! I'll take a nap on your behalf.