Sunday, October 08, 2006


…was the final score of the UCLA-Arizona football contest at the Rose Bowl Saturday. Being the great sport fan that I am, and Cindi's reputation with college football (did you know that she once enjoyed season tickets for the Purdue Boilermakers) our friends, Jim and Lorainne invited us to the Rose Bowl yesterday. Jim met us there with a grandson and two of his friends. The kids had much better seats that us. Jim and the kids joined us at the Pasadena venue after the USC-Washington game that they enjoyed at the Collesium earlier in the day.
IMG_0041Welcome to the Rose BowlScoreboard
JimLorainneCheerleadersCheer dude

And, about the Dodgers--"next year."

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures. As for me I watched the Dodgers go down. There is really a next year. I'll understand the game and all it's ins and out from the beginning by then.