Wednesday, October 18, 2006

internet ocd

i'm not sure how compulsive i am. i do think this sounds a bit like me though. any thoughts?


  1. I don't know, Rob. Could you stop if you wanted to? :-) Glen does a lot of reading on the web instead of paper magazines and newspaper, so that seems to take time, but be practical. I use the internet for much research. How does one separate the amount of time between practical use and addiction. Balance? Face-to-face friendships? The ability to walk away from the computer and go on a 7-day cruise? Maybe Dr. Steve will weigh-in on this one.

  2. Thank goodness you posted. I check this site ten to twenty times a day and you guys are lagging. More posts hourly would be nice... OCD in the Peterson-Weaver family????

  3. The issue of addiction is a difficult one. I have been the witness to many disagreements regarding where the line between recreational use and addiction should be drawn. I always dicuss it interms of problem. Is it causing a problem in a job, relationship, role, etc. That line is much easier to define. Using the word addiction leads to resistence and arguement. Using the word problem moves closer to dialog. My two cents worth.