Sunday, June 13, 2004

Jonah recovers part 3

Just a quick note. Jonah is having some problems with his abdomen. The medication he is on now requires that he is back in Intensive Care. I saw him late last night. Today he is hoping to go back to a regular room. Several of the firefighters are there to visit him when I called. The nurses are very good at letting people visit one at a time. Shawntea is going home for a while today and spend some time with Brianna. We will have again overnight. Here is a picture of the difficult life she leads at our house.

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  1. We really appreciate the updates on Jonah. My heart goes out to him and Shawntea. I am impressed with the firefighters involvement. That seems like it must be a positive thing for Jonah. The photo of Brianna is beautifully composed. I want a watercolor of it someday. It does capture the peaceful days of childhood wonder. I'm glad you can care for her in this time. May Jonah continue to rest and heal. Hope Beth is feeling strong again, too.