Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Back from Chicago

We are back. Fell into bed last night around midnight. Flight went well, though a bit choppy at times. Weird window in our row. I was bummed. When I flew to Chi-town, as we Chicago residents say (pronounced shy-town), everyone pulled down the window shades so the movie screen could be better viewed in a darker plane. What is the point in flying when you can't see the view and the weather and the sky? Ugh. The movie eastbound was Starsky & Hutch. I opted to read and nap.

I'm still doing piles of final reports. I check out of my day job tomorrow, and officially begin summer vacation. Audrey, Doris, and I will go to lunch at this cute spot in Los Alamitos called Shenandoah. Wish Beth and Mom-Jane could join us. I can't wait to be done with the school year, even though I do like my job. Next year will be year three!

Poor Lakers. But do I really care? I'm planning the French toast family breakfast for the start of the Tour de France! Moving on to sporting events that really have some excitement for me.

FYI - the Remington computer is in the repair bay for a week. If you need to share news with the Ohio folks, do it the old fashioned phone.

We had a nice time in Chicago. Hotel 71 is a contempo place --- kinda weird, but nice room and cool view. Maybe Glen will blog a picture. I got to meet with 10 good friends from the old days when I lived in Wheaton. So great to catch up. Sam looked HUGE to us upon our return. Wow! It's so nice to leave him in good hands with Rob when we travel.

Still so concerned for Jonah. Hope each day is a better one. And happy birthday to Kyle! How old now?

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  1. Kyle was 18 on the 13th. Jonah is hoping to get out of intensive care on Thursday. He will probably be in the hospital until the middle of next week. He is doing better and hoping that his body continues to heal.