Monday, May 30, 2011

And so it begins...

Above is a picture of Steffi out for a ride with Daniel for the first time, on Memorial Day 2011. We first went to the bike shop and got her a helmet that matches mine (but with different colors) and some pink gloves. We fitted her on a (small) bike that Timothy, Daniel, and Mom all rode at various points. It was Steffi's second time riding in 10 years, so she was a bit "wobbly," as she said.

We went to a bike shop in Long Beach, then rode around for 3 miles at El Dorado Park, then drove to Union Station and had dinner at Philippe The Original (Home of the French Dip Sandwich) before I left for Newhall on the train.

This augments last weekend's trip to Mt. Baldy Village to see the Tour of California as the bike racers finished their "stage" at the Mt. Baldy ski station.

The following picture, for some of you, ...

...may recall in your minds a picture from when Glen and Cindi had lunch with me at Mt. Baldy Village in July of 2007. That time I was riding my bike! (This year's trip was my first time going to Mt. Baldy Village in a car.)

Photo credits:
picture 1. Mom took the picture on Steffi's phone;
pictures 2 and 3. Steffi's dad took the pictures and I put them together (not a very fancy job of it, I know);
picture the last. Thanks Aunt Cindi for taking the photo and then Uncle Glen for posting it.


  1. I was wondering when we would see Steffi on a bike with you,so now it has happened. Looks good. Did the wind storm affect you activities on Sunday eve? I lost a small branch from my curb tree again. Always remember the tree in the Wilson's yard that opened up like a tulip and rested on your house.

  2. Looks like fun...haven't been to Baldy myself since high school!