Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Promotion...Well, Half a Promotion

I accepted a promotion with my school, Golden Valley Charter School. I'll be part-time "ES Advisor" and part-time ES (Education Specialist) beginning August 1, 2011. I've been an ES for 9 years. This year I had thirty students in my case load. That is sixteen families to visit every 20 school days. I cluster them geographically, so it is seven days out a month. Next year, I'll have 15 students, about 7 families, and 3 days out a month. I will also support 12 ES's in this administrative role. It will have very busy times of the year, as does any education job. I look forward to the change, though the work will have its challenges. Here is a photo of our staff in front of our Ventura offices.

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