Friday, June 17, 2011

Tabby Gone Wild: Garage Attack, Part 2

Kitten screaming in garage -- all day. Went to investigate. It is caught in wires/cords/cables wrapped up/coiled for storage. Kitten is suspended off the ground and in full panic. Cute but deadly. Knucklehead. Tried a rescue to stop the meowing. Garden gloves on hands, towel at the ready to drop over it to wrap it up to extricate it. Mom cat charged me out of nowhere. I dropped the towel and ran out of the garage right behind Brynne carrying Pete.

Baby Pete started crying. Scared all three of us. I'm sure the color left my white face. No harm done. Kitten is still suspended and screaming.

None of these are our pets! Insanity. Animal control will only come if the cat is in a box or a cat trap. Animal control said they could give me the name of a private contractor, but I'd have to pay them. No thanks.

We have not fed these creatures and do not want them to stay. It is a sad and aggravating situation.

Where's Beth when I need her. She's the cat whisperer.


  1. P.S. I hope this ends well, but I have my doubts. Quite troubling.

  2. Hope by now there has been a rescue by Beth's brother. He told me about your situation before he left here

  3. We had a successful rescue.

  4. I SO wish I was there to help! Glad things worked out. Poor little kitty!!