Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In keeping with our recent string of nature themed posts... have you ever noticed some bees have yellow growths on their legs?


I assumed it was some sort of mark to indicate a gender, or maybe it was exclusive to some species. But upon searching the Web (which rocks for these kinds of things, according to Cindi) I learned that this is where the worker bee stores his pollen, utilizing specially arranged hairs on his leg.

I am working on specially arranging my leg hairs for easy storage of the food I find in the shopping carts at Target.


  1. Great photo! Let me know how the hair bag works out.

  2. Good luck. May I call you Buzz? FYI -- Worker bees are non-reproductive females. Career bees, of sorts. The males are drones.

  3. So, you're saying the lady bees don't shave their legs?

  4. hm. that is all just weird.