Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bike Trail Closure Sunday

Sunday morning I rode north on the San Gabriel River bike trail. There were some interesting sights along the way. Just south of the 60 there was a group of people in robes standing out in waist deep water doing what seemed to be a baptism. About 100 yards farther along there were about 4 LA County Sheriff's cruisers and 6 or more deputies talking to an agitated man on the uphill side of the bike trail. Not that much of a ruckus.

A little while later, on the way back home in the heat, the bike trail had been closed by "do-not-cross” yellow tape. Cyclists were being directed to go back and take a street outside of the normal rive channel. I asked the office standing guard by the tape if it would be long. He said yes, it will be a long time and asked if I knew where the Thienes street gate was. I asked him what had happened that the trail was closed. He said he couldn't say. Chatting with some other cyclists, they said it must be a dead body, otherwise why would it be closes. I thought: maybe. Or, it could be something else too.

This was in the Los Angeles Times on Monday.


  1. I went up the trail Sunday afternoon and just took the officer's suggestion of Peck-Thienes. I could see a vehicular gathering under the next underpass, but didn't know anything, and figured the officer wasn't to tell anyone.

  2. All clear on the bike trail today--Beverly Blvd to the top of Santa Fe Dam.

    Did see plenty of soccer games and one charreada.