Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday's Fun Ride in Mexico

Some people from the YMCA (Tracy and Bruce) and I went down Saturday morning and come home the same day (the line to cross the border was fairly quick (I think less than one hour). This ride was marketed as the last ride ever. So, I really wanted to go. Someone said they heard that it will happen again. My average speed was about 12.9 mph. So 3:50 was my time. I think that was the same as last time I rode. Did I tell you there are some pretty steep hills?


  1. And, on the one really steep hill all the young guys with fancy expensive bikes get off and walk up--what's up with that? I wanted to yell out: "look at me, I'm old and riding right up the hill!"

  2. I am impressed with your ride and time even if you didn't improve your time. I'm sure there are people younger that couldn't do that well,