Monday, September 08, 2008

Amgen Tour of California, Paris-Nice, the Tour de Georgia, the Dauphine-Libere and the Tour de France . . .

Lance Armstrong will come out of retirement next year to compete in five road races with the Astana team, according to sources familiar with the developing situation.
--from Velonews

. . . Dirk Demol has already signed on with Astana for 2009. it is further rumored that Lance won't take a paycheck, he's just bored.


  1. Or maybe he just doesn't like people saying he doped. This time (if there is a 'this time'), he reportedly will show all his records. That'll be fun.

  2. I think this is reasonable behavior for a certain caliber of athlete.
    -- Michael Jordan

  3. OK, after all day with only denials and speculation, it's up on the Vanity Fair site (caution--nudity if you click to that site:

    So, if it's true, Astana will have to get in Le Tour this year too. Oh, the drama.

  4. Saw today it was confirmed. It will rise the level of awareness in cycling in the US. By the way Levi is doing well in the Veulta a Espana. Levi, Floyd, and Lance to watch in 2009.

  5. Yeah, I hate when people say I doped.