Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We've started bombing Somalia.

We're pretty busy fighting these days...

I saw a movie called Children of Men today, which, unfortunately felt very realistic, today. It was a great movie, however. Check it out!


  1. Will check it out. I was struck by this consistent message in films that humanbeings are de-evolving. When crisis strikes we go the way of the boys in Lord of the Flys. I am not sure that historically this bears out.
    I feel sad for all those who are dying in war. It reminds me daily of those young men who died in Vietnam and lay in body bags on the cold flat deck of our ship. All for nothing. What a waste.

  2. It should not be surprising that humans in general are growing worse-- after all, at creation everything was perfect, but then the choice was made to rebel against God and all sound wisdom; remember this is the same 'human race' which we observe from inside daily.

    Let us be thankful, however, that, when compared to previous wars, relatively few are dying, and that this is not a world war, where all is at stake for our country and the rest of the free world, but a matter confined to a few brave soldiers overseas and the media.

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