Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the phone with Bright Medical [back at home, after breakfast]

Me: [on hold for 6 minutes, 38 seconds. I love having a cell phone that keeps track of these things.]

Me after they finally answer: I had an incident this morning where my foot got run over by a cab. I am thinking I should have someone look at it.

Lady at the doctor's office: ewww! Can you hold please.

Woman, after a few moments: Dr. Galbreath says he can't do anything for you here. You need to go to Urgent Care and have it xrayed. Or you can go to the emergency room if you need a doctor to look at the xray and tell you what it means.

Me: do you know what time Urgent Care opens?

She: 2 PM.

Me: Ok, thanks for your help.

Cindi: Ok, I will drive you.

More soon.


  1. It just sounds so odd and humorous to read it reported exactly as it happened. I even witnessed much of it, and I'm still caught in disbelief. When one looks up and sees one husband on the ground on the far side of a cab, you know it will be an interesting day. Scary for a moment. Time stood still. God is still good to us.

  2. Hope all goes well. Dealing with the new way medicine is practiced makes it difficult and confusing, but the care is usually good once you find someone to see you. A lot of waiting. My thoughts are with you.

  3. So what is the end of the story? Did you get an x-ray and is it OK? Are you wearing a splint, a cast? Is it swollen? You know all the important stuff.

  4. Yes, important stuff like "Did you get a shot?" and "Didn't you always want to own a cab company!?"

  5. blogging via mobile device. waiting for an x-ray

  6. At home now.

    I don't want to over dramatize any of this since I am really not in bad shape for a person who's been rolled over by a Yellow Cab. Soreness just kind of creeps around from place to place, radiating from my right foot. My wrists are sore; I must have tried to catch myself. Hip, thigh, no visible bruising.

    I got my x-ray at Bright Medical. There is no break. I got to keep the films. Nice since I paid for them. Because this incident was someone's fault, the insurance of the person who is at fault is supposed to pay. I have to seek reimbursement from them.

    I rushed out to a meeting with a client in Pomona, finished my meeting. Now I am at home.

    Ice cream and ibuprofen (800 mg) will make me feel better tonight. (One of these prescribed by a P. A. the other is self prescribed--care to guess which is which?)

    I tried to avoid the contagious things floating around in the waiting room.

  7. glad yer all solid!

  8. Glad nothing is broken. Hope the odds and ends resolve quickly. We know a great attorney for auto accidents.