Saturday, November 25, 2006

This new word came up at dinner on Thanksgiving at Grandma Doris'


wont adj
accustomed or likely to do something (formal)

a habit or custom followed by a particular person or group of people (formal)

to have or give somebody the habit of doing something (archaic)

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  1. You can never be to up-to-date with your vocabulary words.

  2. What was the context at dinner? Which meaning did the individual who spoke attribute to the word "wont"? It is puzzling to those of us who were not there. Has Doris used the word in Upwords? More questions than I have time to express.

  3. There is the clear threat that this word will be used in Upwards, as Doris is wont to do.

  4. I'm sure glad we have that settled. I believe the first pilgrims celebrating what we call Thanksgiving were wont to do a lot of fasting and prayer due to the lask of available food. Definately not eating like we do on this special day.

  5. I know you are all interested to know how much rain we had in Whittier today. Well
    it was .24 inches. Enough to hold up the painters. Sorry I can only make replys, no new entries,

  6. Mom, look for the Blog This! "thing" at the top of your screen just next to or below the URL (like http://pwwcrblog...etc.) That is where you go to Blog something yourself.

  7. Doris -- thanks for the rain count. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't enough. It was sunny by the afternoon. Keep on counting.