Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Remingtons Volunteer at an Ohio Polling Place

[As reported to Cindi, and shared here...]

Yesterday, Richard and Jane got up about 4:50AM, dressed, had breakfast and coffee and were off to the voting booth by 6:00 AM. The polls opened at 6:30AM and were open until 7:30 PM. We rushed home for a crock-pot heated bowl of chili, orange-carrot-pineapple salad, and then back to the voting booth all in 45 minutes. [Lunch] We did not even have a [bathroom] break until the polls closed. We had the hugest turnout ever! Most of the races were disappointing to me. Stopped for a cheeseburger which we brought home, ate, showered and hit the bed. We were VERY tired. But made it through!

[Proud of you, Mom and Dad, for being involved citizens. Where do you get the energy? The cheeseburger or the orange-carrot-pineapple salad?]

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