Sunday, September 24, 2006

Catching Up...

Haven't blogged in a while. I was thinking about what's been interesting in my life lately. I finished reading a book that I found personally challenging, "Chasing Francis." It is a clever blend of fiction and non-fiction. It's about a pastor of a "megachurch" who wrestles with big questions about his faith and the church's impact in a broken world. He travels to Italy for some time away and encounters the life and teachings of St. Francis of Assisi. It digs into the topics that have been on my heart and mind lately:forgiveness, the poor, AIDS, the environment,homelessness, peace, and community, and how to respond to those things as a follower of Christ. I found it interesting, relevant, authentic, brutally honest, and entertaining.

I also saw a movie this weekend, "All the Kings Men." There will be Oscar nominations for this one. Very well done, though a troubling story. My friend, Erica, a US History teacher, gave us the background story. Complex characters and good dialog. Be ready for relational discomfort. This isn't a romantic comedy. It's based on a 1946 Pulitzer-prize winning novel made into a 1949 and a 2006 movie. The 2006 movie is not a remake, however. I thought the acting was excellent. The film is about the life of Willie Stark, a fictional character based loosely on a Louisiana governor, Huey Long. If you are looking for an entertaining, light-hearted evening out, this is not it. So, clearly, I liked it. And I did. Intriguing and insightful.

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