Friday, September 01, 2006

Anyone have plans for this weekend?

Anyone going Light a big ole fire in the back yard to burn any meat on the grill? If I were to light the fire, would anyone come over to watch or burn their own meaty food?


  1. I thought that Beth might surprise me with tickets to Kona. I would watch you fire up the grill if we were closer. We are cleaning out the garage.... yea.... supposed to only be in the high 90's. I think I will be the burnt meaty thing in that heat. Have fun and happy long weekend.

  2. You thought she might? and she did or she didn't?

    I will likely work in an upstairs room here that is supposed to be an office that is storage right now. I guess we'll both be workin.

  3. i have pretty firm plans to work all three lousy days that i'm not in school. boo. life sucks.

  4. Ya gots a job robage and you is being edumacated. I vote for more play time for all. I will be here cleaning the garage and mailing all the end of the month bills. Beth has funding proposals to write and will pitch in on cleaning the garage.
    Kyle and I may visit channel 58 if Chris Taylor is helping out with the MDA fund raiser monday. We have never done that and it would be nice to thank those giving up their labor day to help raise funds for research and services.
    I guess it will be a "labor" day for all.

  5. I would be glad to bring my own meat to watch burn. What time and what else can I briug?